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Tree Stump Side Table with Mix and Match DIY Leg Options


DIY live edge side table with three DIY furniture leg options.
DIY live edge side table with three DIY furniture leg options.
DIY live edge side table with three DIY furniture leg options.

The wood for stump tables is affordable (usually free!).  In this post I’ll show you some low-cost, easy-to-make DIY furniture leg options for your stump table.  Of course, the legs can be used in other furniture projects, too!

I don’t have that much carpentry experience, and I’ll tell you a secret–I’m not sure I want too much.  What I mean is, if a furniture piece involves a compound miter saw and a table saw, lots of angled cuts, a long cut list (or any cut list), a pneumatic nailer, or generally something complex, it probably isn’t the project for me.  I admire fellow bloggers who can whip out a big farmhouse table or something similar.  But for many types of furniture builds, I like looking but not doing.  Are any of you in this situation?

Using Latex Paint To Tint DIY Cement Decor

For all of you concrete/cement enthusiasts, check out the DIY Furniture Studio Concrete and Cement Furniture/Decor/Garden Community Board on Pinterest. If you want to join as a contributor comment “ADD ME” on this pin: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/500603314815473738/ or email me at jen@diyfurniturestudio.com.

Teal diy succulent planters made with Behr interior paint, Quikcrete anchoring cement, and water

Add some color to your DIY cement decor projects using latex paint as colorant.  Learn how to create unique colorful decor such as succulent planters, bowls, vases, and plates.

DIY cement vases colored with latex paint.
DIY cement vases colored with latex paint.


Wood Shim Side Table with Tapered Mid-Century Modern Legs

DIY side table made with an upcycled wood shim table top and modified Waddell mid-century modern tapered table legs painted black.

The top of this side table is made of ordinary cedar wood shims, and the legs are customized Mid-Century Modern tapered Waddell brand legs.

DIY side table made with an upcycled wood shim table top and modified Waddell mid-century modern tapered table legs painted black

The “wood shim wall art” project started as a “table top for a small side table” project.  But, a couple of things happened along the way.  I made the wood shim table top and had DIY legs in mind, but after I got the legs made I decided 1) the legs were very difficult to make, and 2) the legs didn’t look great with the table top.  So I scrapped the legs and set the table top against a wall and decided to wait for inspiration on the legs.  Over the next few months, I tried several leg styles, but wasn’t happy with any of them.  No, it’s not all butterflies, bunny rabbits, and rainbows in the DIY Furniture Studio! (more…)

A Chic Makeover for Waddell Brand Mid-Century Modern Tapered Furniture Legs

To learn how to prepare tree stumps for furniture, go here and here.

Waddell brand mid century leg makeover. Multiple colors with ferrule.

I love Waddell brand tapered legs because of their shape (Mid-Century Modern), price (low), and availability (Lowes, Home Depot, Menards, etc). In this post, I’ll show you how to customize them using a tube cutter, a coping saw, and paint.


Waddell leg unmodified.
Mid century modern leg with ferrule.

Waddell brand tapered table legs are a great bargain. For instance, the 12 inch legs are only $3 each at Menards. These mid-century modern style legs are available in several lengths from 6 inches up to the 28 inch table height. They come unfinished, just waiting for you to personalize them. My only issue with the legs is the metal ferrule (aka cap, toe, shoe, sabot) and glide at the tip. For some furniture projects the ferrule and glide look great. For others I’d rather not have either, and for some I want the ferrule but not the glide. (more…)

Wood Shim Wall Art


DIY wood shim wall art.

Upcycle some wood shims! This wood shim wall art is made of ordinary 16-inch construction cedar wood shims glued together.

DIY wood shim wall art.

I’m back from vacation and ready to make more furniture and decor! Let’s get to it!


  • 16 inch wood shims
  • Titebond 3 (or another wood glue)
  • four bar clamps (length depends the length of your shim wood art)
  • ruler
  • square
  • timer
  • jigsaw
  • sandpaper
  • polyurethane (or another finish)

The 16-inch cedar wood shims I used for this project commonly come in packages of 42 at home improvement stores. I bought four packages (168 total shims) at Menards, but I didn’t use all of these.  After I opened the packages, I sorted them into “keepers” and “other.”  My (more…)